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May 18, 2011


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well he is drunk you can belt the living dalghyit out of him and just hope that he doesnt remeber or if he does just say that he was ripping off your deap cousin.the perfect planthen again i live in Australia and we belt the crap out of each other for the sake of it


Good question! I'd say it would deepnd on how frequent the punches were, and how hard they were. I'm assuming this was beyond the distract the drunk tactic or the fake bob-and-weave (that lets them know you were playing, but now are finished) tactics. 45 seconds is actually pretty long, especially if it's an acquaintance AND they're harder than they should be, so on the face of it I'd say you were actually pretty patient, as long as you gave some sort of warning ahead of time, either the tactics above or something else that fit the context.


You respond to kind of too hard puehcns to the shoulder with too hard puehcns to the shoulder to the other guy. This is called trading shoulder blows they increase in power with each hit. Hopefully you'll both back down before it gets too crazy but you don't just sit and take shoulder blows because then it can result in angry gut shots. You just respond in kind when you get hit. Doesn't matter if you're sober and think it's silly that is just how it works. Make sure you laugh and keep it humorous during the exchange because getting pissed and yelling could result in an actually fight.


This has got to be the cutest bears since the BAB.
Love the little one trying to be just like Dad. tfs Debie

Pat Jandacek

The long tie on that little squirt really makes the card wonderful! Love it...TFS.

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