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June 07, 2011


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Oh wow it's hard to choose one faiorvte crafting accessory. Can designer paper be considered an accessory? I tend to use it really often on my cards. If that doesn't count, then ribbon would be my faiorvte. I love that it comes in so many different colors and styles. I totally love the rose/brown/vanilla color combination on your Rose Butterfly card. The scrunchy ribbon looks fabulous!


Reading this makes my decisions eeasir than taking candy from a baby.


Deborah versus DelilahMy name is Deborah. It’s a Biblical name that means “prophetess,” one who tells the furtue. That’s pressure, telling the furtue. So we prophetesses plan to prevent catastrophe. I don’t remember ever not planning for anything. It is a major character defect this lack of spontaneity.So, I will create a character. Let’s call her, Delilah, which means “desired.” Deborah and Delilah are struggling to prepare for a trip to Turkey in four weeks time where they will sail along the Turquoise Coast. Delilah is delighted; Deborah is desperate. Let’s listen.Deborah:Damn, another dreary day in northern California. I wonder if it will be unexpectedly rainy and cold in Turkey? Are they having the same dismal start to summer that we are? Maybe I should find a long-term forecast. I’ll take along my foul weather gear just in case.Delilah:Oh, for god’s sake. Who ever heard of weather other than sparkling blue skies over shimmering blue water in the Mediterranean in July? It will be bathing suits every day, my dear. Hot, hot, hot.Deborah:Every day? How am I supposed to wear the same swimsuit every day for a week? I suppose I had better get something with interchangeable tops and bottoms. Where on earth will I be able to find that without hit-or-miss ordering from every online catalog store? And what if they can’t deliver in time?Delilah: Then, go without.Deborah:Without a suit? Are you crazy? Turkey is a Muslim country. Women are expected to cover themselves modestly at all times, especially in public. I’ll need to pack layers and hiking shoes for trekking to the ancient monuments along the way. I’ll probably need a bigger suitcase.Delilah:Suitcase? On a boat? A carry on duffel bag is more like it.Deborah:Carry on? Aren’t there restrictions? This is international travel, you know. I’d better check to see if I need a visa. I suppose that will need to be paid for in local currency. Do you know where I can get Euros locally? What about liquids? Will they take my allergy nose spray away from me again?Delilah:The only liquids I’m interested in are local wines. Local wines served with grilled fish and vegetables on a table in the sand with a view of the sunset.Deborah:Sunset? How are we going to be sure to arrive in a safe harbor well before sunset? What time zone in Turkey in anyway? Will my cell phone automatically adjust and let me know the time of day? Wait! What if there is not cell phone service on the coast or my battery runs low and I can’t recharge it? A backup battery pack, that’s what I need.Delilah:Your head examined, that’s what you need. The sun, my dear, the sun will let you know when to rise and shine and when it’s time to say goodnight. Just follow the rhythms of nature.Deborah:Follow? What if I have to lead? How will I know where to go or what to see? I need an itinerary and a good guidebook to show me the way!Delilah:Follow your nose. Your senses, I mean. Follow what smells delicious, what sounds enchanting, what draws you into a secret cove with hidden views down the centuries.Deborah:Centuries?! I haven’t got centuries. I’ve got exactly four weeks and that reminds me, I need to check our flights, the transfers from the airport, our rooms in the city, the …Delilah:You have all the time in the world. Relax and discover what will happen. Just be patient, be flexible and be happy.

Deb B (Debadoo)

OH that's adorable!!

Patti Corriere

Adorable bird house. Love all your ideas.

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