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September 29, 2012


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A stranger from a far who I cnnaot ask follow up questions? Why can't I ask follow up questions? If I am to send this stranger a piece of string, don't I have his mailing address? Why not mail him back a request for additional information? Moving on Given that string is cheap to purchase and is light weight I'd determine how much I'm first willing to invest into satisfying the request of this stranger . Is this like a donation? In reality I would likely ignore the request entirely. Moving forward Out of pure curiosity I'm willing to put an arbitrary figure of $15 including the cost of shipping for this string. I figure thats enough string to create or achieve many different things with or repeat anything if something happens to the initial piece of string . the stranger would likely have specified if he needed an abnormally large amount of string for something like commercial purposes. If more string is needed let the stranger make a second request whichs includes more information. I don't think the strength of the string matters. The word string is not a word that inspires thoughts of strength. The stranger would have chosen a different word if that was an issue. How much string is there minus shipping costs? I don't know, I don't care. Thats not the point of question. It can't be. There is obviously no right answer when so little information is given.

Jan Hoyt O'Fallon, IL

wow, I missed that one on the display boards but WOW...that would take a LOT of time and a lot of Baker's Twine as well! Definitely not the C&S style, is it? Pretty impressive though! Thanks for sharing your convention photos...I suppose that I should go back and have a another look at mine. Jan Hoyt O'Fallon, IL


Unique, fun, nice design but the twine looks too messy for my taste. It's always good to see what people come up with. Variety is the spice of life. :)

Lynda S

Wow indeed. This is awesome Jackie. Many yards must have been used but the result was well worth it.

Bev Gomez

OMG did they use like 10 packs of each or so!!!!LOL! It looks like a lot of work. Yes WOW! TFS! Hugs, Bev

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